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Private House

  • Residential

An unconventional home





Peeking out among treetops in Switzerland, this house was designed in a sleek architectural style. Embracing nature, this unconventional house has an open plan.

Two floors of living space were created to easily accommodate a family, practicality and style being the main characteristics. Light piercing through the large glassy windows that encompass the house, reveals the beauty that this geometric space contains.

The marble tiles are of bright colors, while wood and glass themes predominate. Green plants around and inside the space give of a naturalistic feel, perfect as an eco-friendly environment.

Sunlit spaces

Surrounded by stone walls, and containing a terrace suitable for sunbathing, this sunlight house offers privacy in the most comfortable ambiance.

Away from the city noise and pollution, this unusual house enjoys serene views and the quiet that the hillside offers

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