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Rudi’s Cake Factory

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A Tasty Cakery


Rudi's Cake Factory


Prishtina, Kosovo

For Rudi’s Cake Factory we wanted to create a casual, pleasant environment in which costumers can relax and dig in their favorite cake.

Drawing inspiration from French designs, this interior is a small cozy area, with zig-zag floor slates, vertical grey and white striped walls, and sunny colored furniture.  

Centered around black metal tables, the space presents a clean-cut look and a lot of room for exposing the delicious desserts in the front counter.

A Pleasant Ambiance

Rudi's Cake Factory offers a warm and cozy ambient, well lit by elegant light fixtures, which are used to accentuate the pictures of cakes that decorate the walls.
With a few tables outside, the terrace includes plants as decoration, bringing nature in and making this place feel fresh.

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