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Private House

  • Residential

A spacious home




Prishtina, Kosovo

This project is characterized by spacious rooms and the daring combination of light and bright colors, with wood and marble themed materials.

The fireplace serves as a focal point between the living room, which is designed in a modern manner, and the gallery which includes a tall library. The color palette used includes neutral colors, and as such it fuses easily with wood motives, excluding a feeling of comfort.

The floors interconnect through the library and the tall wall made of modern black marble slates, reflecting elegance and unification of spaces in a sophisticated way.

Contemporary Living

The base floor includes an indoor private swimming pool and a terrace spot, that are decorated with blue tones and green plants.
Several spaces are styled in a contemporary manner, mixing the modern approach with some traditional furnishings, and excluding in this way an overall feeling of coziness

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