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Meridian Kitchen

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A Modern Buffet


Meridian Kitchen


Prishtina, Kosovo

Located in Prishtina, Meridian Kitchen was created as a modern retreat where people can relax, meet with friends, or simply enjoy a delicious meal.

Meridian Kitchen is designed to feel timeless due to the unique mix of elegant furniture and earth-tone colors that give a cozy feeling to the space. The contemporary grey floor slate is combined with warm red colors on the wooden walls and high ceiling, making you feel right at home.

This interior has an antique look, which is experienced through the leather seats and the emphasis on decoration with paintings and vintage looking plates on walls.

Warm food in a warm ambiance

The buffet is well lighted in every corner, and contains a sequence of various seating options which don’t interfere with the private ambient of the space.

The centerpiece has a lime green wall that reflects openness and simplicity.

Harmonious and naturalistic, this is a space that invites you to have a good time while you enjoy good food.

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