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Marigona Hill

  • Residential

A mountain-side environment


Marigona Hill



Marigona Hill is located in Pristina, with a range from the Badovc lake to the biggest park of the city – Germia. The Hill is a continuation of Marigona Residence, and will lay over 16.2 hectares.

Including houses, apartments, recreational and business spaces, Marigona Hill strives to be an all-inclusive family oriented community that serves today’s energetic lifestyle. The avenues are constructed wide and long, with narrower roads on the side, which are suitable for cycling and strolling around.

Modern infrastructure is the main theme of this project, using the most recent solutions to architecture to create a harmonic lifestyle. You will find yourself free from the fast pace of the city, while only a short drive away.

Quality green living

Multiple types of houses of different dimensions are developed in a tract housing manner, created with quality materials and color themes that fits into the style that the mountain side conveys.
Comfortable and luxurious, Marigona Hill strives to offer everything one might need, from spacious homes to wide roads, multiple parking lot spaces, parks for the elderly and kids, and a whole new standard of good living.

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