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Mana Mobile Store

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Modern Home for Advanced Technology


Mana Mobile Store


Prishtina, Kosovo

Located in Pristina, Kosovo, the newest mobile store in town displays a modernly arranged interior, complementing their quality product & service offerings.

Devices of advanced technology are displayed all around Mana through big transparent glasses, so that visitors and costumers can easily navigate and look about. Vertical alignment was applied for practicality as well as added space.

Gadgets are framed into wooden boxes, giving off the general feeling of a library, while the monochromatic theme helps attain the uncluttered, clean look.

Bright & Spacious

The combination of wall-mounted, hanging and LED lighting achieves perfect balance between
the corners of the space, giving it an airy sensation.
Styled in light wood colors and bold contrasts of black & white, Mana Mobile Store reflects
modernity and practicality.

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