Binni - Archides


  • Commercial

Vast & Bold




Prishtina, Kosovo

Created with highly detailed textures from bold materials, the latest facility of Binni in Pristina,
Kosovo, strives to be a representation of the quality products that they have been manufacturing.

Styled by Archides with striking elements such as marble and sleek floor slates, the interior gives
of an industrial feel while maintaining the elegant vibe throughout.

The spaces are well lit through lamps, pendant and wall-mounted LEDs, accentuating the daring
black and white theme with touches of olive green nuances.

Practical & Daring

Fashioned in a modern flair, the ceiling is high and the spaces are large, allowing the visitors to
roam freely inside the building.
Surrounded by plants growing on the side of the roads, the facility is large, with a cuboid
structure that contains parking lots for visitors and customers.

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